GT Landscape & Garden perform one time maintenance projects and regular contract work for your home or place of business. Listed below are some of the landscape & garden work we do.


Power Edging creates a clean neat transition between a lawn, or a garden and its surrounding walkways, borders, and retaining walls. Line trimmers can only cut surface grass & weeds that grow over walkways and, unless the user has rock steady hands, cannot guide it to make straight lines. Power Edging cuts into the grass down to the soil and can easily follow existing garden beds or along sidewalks. New garden beds can be cut following exact dimensions with laser straight lines or smooth flowing curves.
A hedge is a living frame around a property. It is what all visitors see as they go past or enter a property. In good condition, and well maintained, a hedge will grow in a controlled way for many years. Hedges not shaped for over two or three years will be difficult to shape due to its shallow outer growth. Cutting too deep (only 4 to 6") at that point will expose the unsightly dead interior of the hedge. Hedges should be maintained at least once per year, this will help keep the desired shape for its lifetime.
Many trees tend to be planted too close to buildings when small. They grow quickly and soon become too big for their space. Besides making a tree fit into its surrounding, pruning & limbing will allow for controlled growth over time. We are able to remove trees upto about 30' in height and 20" in diameter.
Over time some properties can accumulate dead branches and debris that some owners may not be able to dispose of. We can remove most kinds of yard or property debris to the local disposal site.
Moss Control Programs
Fertilizing Programs
Trimming around Lawns, Gardens, Walkways, Borders etc.
Power Raking & Debris Removal
Spring wake up (remove leaves, needles, dead vegetation etc.
Removal of Dead Trees, Shrubs etc
New Plants, Trees, Shrubs etc.
Raking Smooth Existing Dirt or Mulch Areas
Shaping and Pruning of Trees & Shrubs
Fertilizing Program
Edging Around Gardens
Apply new mulching, soil etc.
Winter Sleep (Clean up debris, leaves, pine needles etc.
Our 3000psi preasure washing system can effectively remove most dirt and moss from concrete or asphalt surfaces.
Power Raking removes most thatch and moss from a lawn. For moss, an application of a good moss control product should be applied first, and then it must be mowed at a low setting to allow the power rake to remove both thatch & moss effectively. When finished, we remove and dispose of all waste.