GT Landscape & Garden can perform custom project and contract work for your home or place of business. Listed below are some of the regular landscape & garden work we do.
Turf or seed lawns can be installed on building lots or over old lawns. We use walk behind rototillers to remove old sod and rake to the grade of the land. Most debris (sticks, rocks etc.) are combed of the site, and a supreme quality turf or seed is applied.

Site 1(a)

Site 1(b)

Site 1 (c)

Site 1(d)
We can purchase and install any available species of hedging you need.
Useing a clients own plans we can create new show gardens in lawns or recreate old existng gardens to make them like new.
We install board on board (to follow a slope) and panel style (stepped on slope) fences with concrete anchors.
Panel Style
fence Panel Style
fence Board on Board
fence Panel Style
Landscape tie (any height) walls can be used anywhere on a property. They can be built to a simple or complex plan and can be stained to preseve their appearance for a long time. Non-engineered (under 3' high) brick gravity walls like Allen Block can built to frame any garden or driveway giving an appearance of strength and longevity.
We install locally available gravel, soil, mushroom manure and mulches for all your landscape & garden needs.