GT Landscape & Garden will meet with the client and discuss the requirements for any project or maintenance program needed. An Estimate of Cost will be prepared in writing, complete with a full description and site map of the work the client requires. Upon acceptance of an Estimate of Cost, a straight forward Letter of Agreement will be drafted tailored to the needs of both the client and our work schedule, including the following points:
   Term of Contract, how many months should the contract cover?
   Visits Per Month, how often will work be required?
   Payment Date, when will payments be made?
   Will the client require written Reports/Invoices

The client will read the contract in its entirety, and if in full agreement, it will be signed by the client and the owners of GT Landscape & Garden. The terms of the contract will then be carried out by both parties.

Payments for Projects:
For large projects, and espesially for work that requires the purchase of materials, it is considered standard practice in the industry to request that 50% of the project cost be paid up front, and the balance on completion of the project. For small projects that can be done in one day, we usually request payment on completion of our work.

NOTE: Any work required by a client during the term of a contract that is not described in the Letter of Agreement, will be regarded as "extra work". If this occurs, an estimate will be given for the work needed and if agreed to by the client, the work will be done.